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One of my favorites things about life is connecting with someone. Gaining their knowledge and experiences and exchanging my own. Together we grow, progress. Going forward I will feature an artist to showcase who they are as an artist and to give a dive into them as a person. 

An inspiration for me to create growing up was this guy right here. Sean and a bunch of my friends were always a step ahead of the times. It is with honor I get to showcase my good friend and explore another part of what makes this all so s
pecial. Find his craft at the link provided




Deez: First off please introduce yourself and explain why art is important to you.?



Sean: Whelp, my name is Sean Davidson of Prescott, AZ. Art is important to me because it reminds me of who I am. It realigns any paradigms that may have shifted as a side effect of living in this world. We all need something that makes these rusted beams of forgotten industry coincide with the widespread chemical imbalance we all share. To get even a hint of love, a taste of blood, a flicker in the dark to remind us, “I don’t know where the fuck I am, but I love not being anywhere else.” To share something unspoken with what we perceive as art in this world, is to be in acquaintance with the divine.

Deez: Fucking beautiful answer…. What form does your art take that that allows it to be shared?


: The kind of art the particularly vibes with me the most would absolutely be music. Pictures, paintings, tattoos are also very emotionally evoking but what music has that those others don’t, is the ability for you to paint your own scene or depiction of whatever you may embellish. To listen to the relationship between just two notes can either be a beautiful site to behold, or a dissonant “argument” between the two, and sometimes, the beauty is only more significant after witnessing the dissonance beforehand. Composition in music is beautiful because its not about racing toward the build up, climax, or breakdown, but appreciating the dance along the way. I find it to be the most natural rendition to life. Life is a series of vibes emanating from ONE strum of god, and music is a way for us to sing along


Deez: Describe what kind of music it is that you make.?

Sean: I usually can find something I appreciate in any form of music. Sometimes what I appreciate most are the imperfections. I started creating music, like a lot of others, with a guitar. I think it was a good gateway. Because you can sit there and pluck note by note or strum chord by chord on your own time. So I wrote acoustic songs and eventually some melodic hardcore for me and my friends to thrash out our delinquency to. Then I began to dwell into the more modern age of computers and digital means of synthesized tones. To be able to manipulate and modulate peramiters made me feel like a mad scientist or some sort of “woke” person in the “matrix”. A cog in the machine. I began programing or sequencing beats and applying my ability to record my “gateway”, the guitar. So to this day that’s what I do. I mix a little of the traditional, fingers to steel, fingers to keys, with the modern, electronic pulse of half stable circuitry. High voltage.

My mind being the mediator between input and output..


Deez: Who do you look up to?

: I really didn’t have too many idols growing up honestly. I guess my older brother was the one who’s input I really admired. His ability to select and share with me the good and true old school or underground
hip hop is something I am very thankful for. I never favored what was on tv or what the other kids were shown to like, and I think that’s because my brother helped in a way train me to select the truest. Or at least what rang true to me. I think it may have even helped me select friends that followed the same truth seeking, even if we didn’t know it. My influences today are pretty much a bit of everything. Everyday. All the friends that are willing to stick by me and stay in contact through hard times, and honestly, even the ones that aren’t. They all amount to love. They all help me continue the journey of trying to piece together an image of this great work, and I can only hope that I can do the same for them.

What about NORPA’s message speaks to you?

Sean: Norpa speaks to me through the yearning to unify. The longing to belong that I fear may have been long lost through this human expanse. More and more people cover square miles but true connections wear thin. I feel that Norpa’s message rings true and truth seekers will hear it. I admire the desire to bring community together and to help others pull off the invisible VR headset they may not be aware that they’re wearing, that there can be more meaning to this place. This life. I think Norpa can be a platform that can help put a beacon over us likeminded and to help brighten the world we perceive. To help make it brighter for all.


Deez: You are Very Versatile “Pay me now” is a song I always have in my playlist. How do you put yourself in a creative mindset that allows you to construct timeless pieces?

: Hey thanks! To be honest man, I’m not all that sure haha. I guess for one, I have to be in a place of little to no mental blocks. I find that when I’m not stressing too hard on anything, things flow much freely. But that being said, sometimes the best shit comes from feeling some serious emotion or pain. Torment that you can use that now helps you finally find that one piece to bridge the gap. I guess it comes down to being able, or allowing yourself to, harness the storm or silence within. Sometimes in silence a random tone seems to ask a question, in which i will look for another tone or series of tones that have an answer. In a storm, theres already a heavy answer, in which ill have to seek tones that ask it a question to settle it down. If thats the direction I feel, in the moment, that it should take. It is definitely an in the moment process. One piece can’t come without the piece before it.


: Most exciting experiences?         

Sean: Oh man the most exciting experience is definitely a total tie between a few things. One being going on an adolescent spur of the moment road trip to Californ eye aye, and the other being the time and fellowship of the MIDS club and that whole era of young angst at its finest haha. I guess I’d go with the era of the MIDS club. For those who may read this and not know, MIDS club was a barn in my friends backyard “Mooch” where we had and played many a show and would reside and party and express every amount of teenage unease that we had. Definitely some of the most exciting experiences coming from there. From people dropping in from the whole in the attic to the middle of the moshpit, to me being in there orchestrating some beats on my old school PC in the corner as smoke filled the room and beer hit the floor. God those were the days. The all or nothin days.I could seriously write a novel about the experiences in that place. In the top “VIP” section. Teenage romance to bromance haha. good shit.

: Alternate Reality and you get a superpower what is it?

: To fly! Always to fly. I have so many dreams of flying that I feel like its actually a super power I possess. I tend to lucid dream a lot so now when i realize I’m dreaming I’m like, “Sweet time to fuckin fly!” and I take off haha

Deez: Who is the last person that made you smile and how did they do it?

Sean: The last person that made me smile would have to be my nephew. Just earlier today he heard me listening to pandora and I told him it was a radio station that i put on at work because its a station that most ppl could listen to. He said that I should listen to what I want and that I could barrow his headphones because they say “MEGA NOISE” or something like that haha. I thought it was very nice. My nephews reminder for me to do me.

: Last question if you had to live in another country where would it be?

Sean: Damn I really don’t know. The only other country I’ve been to is Mexico and I think I’d pass on living there.

I heard that Sweden is super legit. Good healthcare. Good everything really. Sveeden yah

And London seems cool. Paris too. I guess I’d really have to travel more before I can give an accurate answer.


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