Learn about our ideology and why we do what we do.

A compilation of poetry from us, our friends, our family, any like minded people. Creators and consumers of poetry we have what you're looking for...

Bi-weekly compilation of what we are listening to in our day to day for various outlets.

Current and previous lookbooks.

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NORPA, is here to celebrate what makes all of us special and use those identities to positively enrich society.  We welcome all to build, create, and truly become a part of the NORPA family. We want to be here with you, and want you to be there with us as we travel through out life.  Our core focus is to expand, create, and experience in life. Through this we can grow day in and day out, appreciating how much each and every moment truly has to offer.  We share a lot of the same sources of inspiration ranging from music, to film, to art, and use it to fuel our dreams. Each piece of what we create, from art, to interviews, to clothing, it comes from our collaborative vision, it’s our hopes, it’s our dreams, it’s our everything.

As we continue to release new stuff, we’ll be periodically sending out emails this could be places we are, things that we are doing, are things that we are releasing. You want to stay up to date on what we are doing, this is the way to do it!